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iMedicalHub's Dashboard allows you to do multifarious activities without searching for menu, sub-menu, etc. All options are bundled in a single page with easy navigation. Whether you want to ask a question or answer one or view Health Records - you can do it all on your Dashboard.

You can also find new updates, health tips, feedback or answers to the queries you’ve posted, and more. Your Dashboard is your one-click access to everything you want to do on our platform – upload a record, revise an existing one, check with your doctors, set a medicine reminder – there’s no end to it all...

Managing the results of routine tests have been made simple here. Be it Diabetic profiling or monitoring hypertension -- just measure, enter the values in your dashboard and see the changes in a user friendly graph instantly.

Personalised dashboard will just show the relevant information you need.

Health Record

Health is important and so is maintaining a record of all medical events which provide valuable information for Healthcare providers to quickly diagnose the medical condition and suggest remedies.

  1. Upload records, relate them to a medical condition and access and share anytime, anywhere.
  2. Digitize records for a better view, see graphical representation of biological parameters and receive preventive remedies from our analytics engine, relate them to a medical condition and access and share anytime, anywhere.

Our platform is secure and the multiple-authentication checks keep the safety quotient of your digital health records intact. Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy by registering with us:

  • Simple steps to store your medical records including the vital parameters, X-rays, ECGs, MRIs, details of clinic visits, prescriptions, medication allergies, food allergies, dust allergies, pollen allergies, and so on.
  • Store the Health Record in the digital format to avoid the hassle of managing piles of paper documents and carrying the entire bunch while on subsequent visits or opting for second opinion.

Family Accounts

Manage your complete family with one account

Besides being in charge of your own health, you can also control your family’s health too. Manage the health accounts of your family members and enjoy pro-active detection of ailments that you can easily avoid. Get suggestions on preventive diagnostic tests to eliminate the risk of hereditary disease if any in the family.

Maintain family health records seamlessly. Any online communication you have with a doctor on iMedicalHub will be automatically updated as your family health record.

Track Health Conditions

Besides facilitating storing your health records, iMedicalHub tracks them too. Our application tracks all your vital parameters and suggests you tips to achieve the biological reference range, in case of fluctuations. Our smart SMS alerts keep you posted anytime there's a change.

You will receive alerts whenever the biological parameters cross a critical value. Certainly, we don't charge you for this service!

Above all, the iMedicalHub analytics engine will proactively predict a potential health condition by analyzing your biological parameters, your past medical conditions, allergies, a hereditary medical condition, medication, etc. and compare them with others in the similar age group, locality, etc.

Precautionary Measures

In addition to keeping your vitals under check, we also proactively keep you abreast of other health conditions that may be posing a health risk. Via regular SMS update about a condition, we also share with you handy tips that you can apply to reduce the risks and stay fit. Our health tracker keeps your health on track... round the clock.

Connect to our expert panel for insight into the risks you face from chronic family illnesses. Bases the guidance, you can get yourself tested and start with a treatment program to help lower the chances. In case you’ve already acquired it, this proactive detection measure can help you to get treated before the symptoms become severe.

Find a Doctor

Using iMedicalHub you can promptly find a practitioner in the relevant field. Our continuously growing database is replete with doctors based on the qualification, specialty, and location of your preference. As we are adding more names to the list, members can do their bit by rating doctors, bases their experience. These ratings can help other members find the best practitioners in a relevant field and speed up the search process as well.

Alternately you can also refer a Doctor, select a Doctor and add him to your preferred/Family Doctor list. Even when your family doctor is miles away, you can update him/her with changes in your health condition. What more? You can add as many family doctors with multiple specialties as needed to provide suggestions on various medical conditions.

One-point Access to Panel of Doctors

Other than finding a doctor for consultation, you can even consult a panel of expert doctors to seek a second opinion. Collective health advice can guide you better to decide whether or not you should go in for a specific procedure/surgery. Also, you can easily seek relevant information on alternate medicines and therapies to treat particular diseases / health condition.

Sourcing online information is a quick and efficient process and handy even in cases where the specialization is not available locally. Consulting a specialist from anywhere is simple here. Find and consult a Neurologist in Delhi sitting right at your home in Kerala!

Second Opinion

Seeking a second opinion on your diagnoses or treatments was never this easy! Select a healthcare expert from our panel and initiate communication… almost instantly. Our Advanced Search filter allows you to sort your findings as per the doctor's specialty, your preferred location, a hospital or healthcare center as per your choice, etc. In case you aren't satisfied with the feedback from the second opinion, you can promptly seek another opinion and go on till you are contented.

Simply forward your complete Health Record to a doctor, opt to share just the latest records or share the relevant records out of the entire log -- iMedicalHub helps you cut out the frills and simplify. iMedicalHub allows you to do that in just a few simple clicks. Share only what you want and seek a second opinion.

Social Sharing

Share your records with your family doctor simply by using the handy sharing tool. You don't need to visit your doctor just to show your test results. iMedicalHub simplifies it for you so you can cut down all your travel woes, long waiting hours, etc. Simply click to share your reports instantly.

Send your latest medical reports, doctor’s prescription, and so on to your family member in another country or continent. If you plan to travel anywhere for treatment, this can surely help you speed up the process.

Sharing Health Record not just with Family Doctors and Family members, you can share with anyone by giving the required privilege. In case of emergency, Health Record is accessible to your emergency contact. Click on the “ON EMERGENCY CONTACT” option on the Home page.

Set a Reminder

Patient care made simple. iMedicalHub medication and activity plan keeps track of immediate and recurring reminders. All you need is just to set it up once and reminders will be sent to a Healthcare provider as long as it is required. The best about the iMedicalHub platform lies in its simple user interface and handy tools; setting a reminder is just one of them. Select a date, time, and medicine dose, or set yourself a reminder for a routine health checkup... there are choices aplenty for you to explore...

  • We ensure you don't miss a single medicine dose – set a reminder and we will remind you at the right time.. You can add as many entries as required and we will keep you on track!
  • Don't worry about missing out on a doctor/lab visit as we are here to make sure you won't miss it.
  • Your doctor asked you to repeat a test quarterly or every six months. It's pretty natural to remember it all the while and forget it just when you need to take the test. iMedicalHub will remind you about your routine health-checkup, regular monitoring of BP, Diabetic profiling, etc. so you can prepare accordingly (empty stomach/ after food).

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