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Simple and easily accessible healthcare solutions anytime, anywhere.

Health records are used by doctors to prescribe the right treatment and avoid repetition of procedures and tests. Digital Health records help us to be Health Aware and smarter about our own health.

Why iMedicalHub?

It's simple, efficient and wholesome. iMedicalHub stores your records in an easy and understandable way that helps you know what’s going on in your health.

Moreover, iMedicalHub is not just a platform to store personal health records online; it's a wholesome healthcare solution.

Easily track your complete health history.

Let our smart analytics engine automatically warn you whenever your lab test results are beyond the bio-reference range, suggest you preventive action and proactive measures to stay healthy.

Consult qualified doctors in your vicinity or a specialist from a different city on our platform.

Seek alternate opinions from our panel of specialists.
Discover a multitude of other handy features!

It's not just for you, but for your entire family.

We understand that the health of your daughter or your father is just as important to you as your own. iMedicalHub implements a family-tree system of health records that lets you easily add members and seamlessly link them. You can then manage their doctors, treatments and medicines from one place.

Save valuable time

Optimized record management

Any diagnostic test results you upload including X-Rays, MRIs and CT-scans will be organized into related groups of treatment. Records created once can be used as needed and shared with anyone you choose instantly. Easily update and track vitals, with informative and visual charts and graphs.

All communication with doctors on iMedicalHub will become part of your health records automatically.

We help you stay in control of health!

  • View a doctor's complete profile to make sure he is the right fit for you.
  • Only you decide whom you share your records or partial records with.
  • You can choose to get second opinions by sharing relevant health information with experts.
  • See how Doctor Visit, Vitals, Lab test data and prescriptions are related

Life is anything but predictable and iMedicalHub's adaptability keeps you ready for just about anything.

  • Any change in treatment mid-course can be seen together in a simple, cohesive manner.
  • Switch doctors easily just by sharing your records with them.
  • No matter where your family doctor moves to, you can still be in contact with him via iMedicalHub.

Prevention is better than cure - Let us care for you

On top of our analytics engine that keeps track of your health, predicts a possible complication and ensures you do not have a conflicting treatment; specialist healthcare providers are available to answer medical queries to offer you an informed and guided experience.

Never miss another appointment
You can choose to receive SMS reminders for appointments you booked.

Care made easy! It is not necessary to remember repeat list of activities/tasks and medications. Simple SMS alert on phone will help manage them with ease.

Our Vision & Mission

Deliver timely and quality healthcare anytime anywhere

We aspire to bridge the gap between accessibility to medical needs and medical professionals. iMedicalHub is an attempt to connect the ones who need medical care and attention with the ones who can deliver the same through iMedicalhub platform.

Instantly access your record & track your health

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