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What is the Member Dashboard? What do I explore here?

The moment you will sign up/ subscribe to iMedicalHub, you will be able to view your Dashboard. Member Dashboard is the window, for a member, to all activities he/she will schedule or action on iMedicalHub. It will display your details including:

  • Personal
  • Medical – vitals, chronic conditions, lab test findings
  • Contact details
  • Friends and colleagues
  • Upcoming appointments
  • List of Preferred Doctors/ Labs/ Pharmacies

Member Dashboard also displays the total appointments you’ve scheduled, your medical background, total payments that you’ve made and so on. In addition, you can view all the questions you may have posted on this platform along with the answers and you can also view the latest additions to the Health Feed section on our website.

You can also keep track of the scores you have earned by replying to queries on the platform and thereby stay updated.

Member » Dashboard
What else can I access via my Dashboard?

Because it acts like a window, you can use your Dashboard to:

  • Access your Health Record
  • Ask a Question
  • Set a Reminder
  • View the Health Feed articles or Blog
Member » Account Setting
How can I set up/update my account settings?

To create Account Settings, click on the Image icon on the top right corner (beside your name) and select the Account Settings option from the dropdown menu. Fill in the details and upload your photo.

While you are here, you can also

  • Change your current password (to strengthen the security)
  • Change your contact number or add a new one
  • Manage your choice of receiving
    • General offers from us
    • Question and answer updates
    • Alerts on upcoming appointments and medication
    • Health tips notifications
  • Identify an emergency contact for iMedicalHub to contact in the case of an emergency*

Save your preferences and let iMedicalHub remember them for you.

* Emergency includes instances when you may not be able to sign it to your account

Member » Health Record
How do I add a Health Record?

All new members on iMedicalHub are advised to create their digital health record by accessing the Health Record option. Select the particular card you wish to add contents to and save the entry. You can add to the below categories:

  • Doctor Visit
  • Suggested Lab Test/ Result Upload
  • Medication
  • Surgery/ Hospitalization
  • Transfusion
  • Upload Reports
  • Upload Bills

You can group the records as per relevance and thereby keep them handy. Should you need a second opinion, you can easily share your health record with a doctor or a family member and speed up the diagnosis process and treatment.

Every time you wish to add a new entry, you can do so by visiting the Health Record option or the Add option in your Health Summary.

Member » Health Summary
How can I customize my Health Summary?

All records you update in Health Records are displayed in your summary. You can access the Summary option on your Dashboard.

Here, you can:

  • View an entry
  • Share a record
  • Add a new entry
  • Update an existing entry

To perform any of the above actions, scroll down to the ‘Complete Medical History’ segment. Add an appropriate filter to select and perform a particular action from the above options.

Click on the View/Share option to view or share an entry. Complete the action by opting to Print, Download and Save, or Share a record.

Click on the Add option to select a health record card (out of the available 7) and update new entries. You can select multiple cards to update in a go. Fill in the relevant details and save your preference.

You can even print a record or download it and save it for future reference.

The Update option will allow you to modify or add to an existing entry. You cannot add a new entry using this function. To do so, click on the Add option or visit your Health Record and add it there.

Member » Health Summary
How can I update the Doctor Visit card in my profile?

Select the Doctor Visit card and start adding the details. Fill in all the details relating to the specific signs and symptoms, the doctor advice, etc.

You may even choose to set a reminder for a follow up – we will ensure you are reminded of the schedule well in time.

Member » Health Summary
How do I delete/remove an update?

We wouldn’t recommend you to remove an update as a comprehensive health record should contain even the minutest changes in your health graph. However, should you need to remove a duplicate entry or an irrelevant one, select the particular entry and click on the (x) sign to delete it.

Member » Medical History
What role does identifying an allergy play in a health record? Will it cause a repercussion if I don't update the details here?

An allergy can seriously affect the course of treatment and trigger adverse reactions with respect to newly-prescribed medications. In the least, an unidentified or hidden allergy can delay the effects of treatment and may aggravate your health too.

Note down your allergy/ a previous allergic reaction and the prescribed medication that worked for you.

Member » Medical History
What does lifetime medication mean? What chances do I have of being asked to take medicines for life?

In case of many chronic/ progressive diseases, patients may be prescribed a few medications for life. This is similar to recommending a restricted diet in case of certain health conditions. While you are completing your profile on iMedicalHub, it's important that you also identify any such medication if you've been asked to take it for life. This may include your medicines for hypertension, blood sugar, thyroid diseases and so on.

Based on your present health status your doctor shall recommend medicines and diet. He/she would be able to appropriately guide you in case you are at risk of developing a condition that may require you to be put on medicines for life.

Member » Medical History
Why should I update my habits as reference to my personal history?

Your personal history reflects your habits and lifestyle choice. By declaring whether you smoke, drink, exercise regularly or are able to sleep well, you will allow your doctor an insight into the traits so he/she can consider them while preparing your diagnosis summary, treatment plan, and prescribe you medicines.

Member » Medical History
What is the importance of uploading my personal history on this platform?

If you had suffered a chronic condition in the past, identify it here. This can range from unexplained weight gain or loss to improper sleep pattern. Your doctor can relate these fluctuations to your present health status and thereby make an informed diagnosis on your health condition.

Member » Medical History
What medical history do I upload? What are its benefits?

Medical history includes your previous medical conditions. Personal history of your diseases/disorders/ medical conditions can help the doctor get a better insight into your present health. Identifying all previous conditions can help a practitioner while:

  • Making a diagnosis
  • Identifying the symptoms
  • Finding the root cause of the condition
  • Recognizing your personal traits and lifestyle choices
  • Suggesting you remedies, medicines, dietary changes, etc.

Update the relevant parts and save the selections.

Member » Medical History
How is my family's medical history relevant to me?

Your family's medical history is very important to not only make you aware of a potential health risk but also to identify the cause(s) of a present health condition you may be suffering from. Most diseases or disorders that are influenced hereditarily can be recognized and appropriate measures offered only if the health practitioner is completely aware of a person's family history (medical).

Member » Reminders
How to set a reminder?

Choose our Calendar feature to set a date, time and create an alert. You can choose to receive a mobile alert or a notification on your e-mail inbox. This way you can set a reminder for your medicine, doctor consultation, or any other event.

Member » Reminders
How can I set a reminder for a specific activity?

While setting a reminder, you can also choose to be reminded for a specific activity such as changing the dressing for a wound. Set the alert as per your requirement and iMedicalHub will remind you as per your entered details.

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