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We love it or hate it but we definitely can't ignore today's fast-paced lifestyle. This leaves us with very little time to sit back and ponder, let alone compile and manage our paper-based health records.

Here comes the need to switch to technology-backed digital health records that come along with benefits such as:

Quality healthcare at your fingertips, just the way you want

The vision of iMedicalHub is to offer you and your family a family physician that is aware of the health conditions of every member in your family. By connecting to a doctor on our panel, you can forge a relationship with him/her that is personal, trusted and valued. You are entrusting the health of your family members, you'd rather be sure than repent later, won't you?

To offer you the best services, we have included doctors on our panel who are qualified, experienced and who are equally passionate as we are about offering quality healthcare services.

To cater to your busy schedules, iMedicalHub is available both as a web-based platform and as a mobile application for Android and iOS-based devices. Subscribe to our services and we are available as and when (and where) you need us.

What's unique

The USP of iMedicalHub lies in our efforts to act as a bridge between people looking for quality healthcare services and the service providers. Our catalog of services includes:

Viveka Ragukumar
Viveka Ragukumar CEO / Founder

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We in India give healthcare the lowest priority. Our body prompts us in advance about a potential health hazard, we tend to ignore it initially, till the time it is unbearable and medical condition reaches an advanced stage. All of us face this situation primarily to avoid :

  • Taking a day off,
  • Traveling long to go to a Healthcare provider
  • Waiting at the endless queue,
  • Painful List of Laboratory tests,
  • Seeking Second opinon,
  • Missing Health Record, etc, etc.

iMedcialHub maintains health records, connects you to expert healthcare professionals and recommends reliable & certified labs for tests, facilitates you to seek second opinion from specialists and above all builds health records seamlessly as you consult online Healthcare providers.

Instantly access your record & track your health

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